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Hydroseeding Maintenance

For proper grass establishment watering is required. Hydroseed should be watered 2 times each day for the first 2 – 2 ½ weeks. If your project is very large you will more than likely rely on Mother Nature to do the watering for you. Germination and growth will take longer depending on amount of rain fall in the area. The hydroseed should be kept lightly damp and water should NOT RUN or PUDDLE. Watch the weather, and adjust your watering to keep the mulch lightly damp, NOT soaking wet and muddy.


Don’t be in a hurry to cut the grass the first time. Give the roots time to take hold. As soon as the new grass is 3 inches high it is time for the first cut. Be sure your mower blade is sharp. This will prevent the grass from tearing and being pulled out by the roots.

Subsequent cuttings should be done often and no more than 1/3 of the grass should be cut off at one time. For the first couple of cuts do not collect the grass clippings. Use your mulching option on your mower so to allow the clipping to fall into your new grass and be used as mulching compost.


The new grass should be fertilized, with a high nitrogen fertilizer, about 4 weeks after initial application. Fertilizing too early will burn the grass, and possibly kill the new growth.

Weed control

Do not use weed control products on new young grass. The grass at this stage may react severely to the chemicals and die. All soil contains weed seeds, which will come up after the lawn has been planted. Weeds germinate quicker than grass seed therefore, do not be concerned when weeds appear. As the grass becomes established, many weeds cannot survive the grass root system and will be choked out. The few that might remain can be controlled and eliminated as part of your normal fertilizing process. Ask a specialist to recommend the appropriate weed & feed product. Do not put fertilizer with a weed killer on your new grass until it is at least 3 months old.

If there are parts of your grass maintenance you feel more comfortable having someone else perform please give us a call and we can have this done for you.